Our Story

owners wayne and julie isaacson of a clean plate local and organic groceryWayne and I would like to welcome everyone to A Clean Plate Local and Organic Grocery. It has been really enjoyable getting to know our customers, and finding out your wants and needs. Our goal is to help you, our friends and neighbors, find fresh and healthy food that tastes great. Our product line will change and grow as we continue to find the best mix for our friends.

Over the years our family has experienced health problems, food intolerances, and weight issues. Wayne began walking/running to lose weight. As he began to compete in longer races he started eating better. After reading Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense Of Food, we began to think more about our food and how it was being produced. Wayne decided that instead of working at a conventional grocery store, he wanted to be selling really healthy food, and that is how A Clean Plate began…

In 2016 we opened our second store in Perham, Minnesota.