natural meat available at a clean plate local and organic grocery in menahga minnesota

The freezer section at A Clean Plate Local and Organic Grocery is full of natural meat.

Featured Products:

alaska-wild-fish-co Alaska Wild Fish Company

(Roger Pietron) of Cushing, Minnesota is the provider of our Salmon. The Salmon is caught and processed in the USA. It is direct from the Bering Sea, Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Fish are removed from the net, chilled in slush ice, then delivered directly to preserve that “Fresh from the Water” flavor.

Hou-KaDa Farms

of Erhard, Minnesota provides 100% Grass Fed beef, ground beef, steaks, roasts, stew meat, soup bones, and liver.

larry-schultz-organic-farmLarry Schultz Organic Farm

of Owatonna, Minnesota raises poultry. Our organic chickens and turkeys are fed certified organic feed which contains no antibiotics, herbicides, or pesticides. Minnesota winters can pack a punch, but once we get through the winter it’s always a treat to swing open the barn doors and watch as the chickens charge outside to enjoy the many wonders of nature. The turkeys are raised seasonally through the summer and fall months. They enjoy the out doors once they are feathered and ready for summer. We have whole chickens, wings, breasts, legs & thighs, sage and Italian chicken sausage, ground chicken, ground turkey and whole turkeys.

Fox Farm Pork

of Browerville, Minnesota produces pork for A Clean Plate Local and Organic Grocery. Our pork is raised naturally. Mama sows are not confined in farrowing crates, and our open hoop barns provide fresh air & sunshine, a deep bedding pack, and a comfortable environment. Available for purchase are chops, half hams, ham steak, brats, ground pork, breakfast sausage, and mild Italian sausage.

We have for sale local ground lamb and lambchops when available.

From Applegate Farms, we have organic, nitrate- and nitrite-free bacon and sausages.

Thousand Hills Cattle Company has grass fed beef cuts with higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E than conventional grain fed beef.